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Features of the app...
Advanced Search
The app allows you to search quickly and advancedly that lets you identify the smallest details to find the right partner quickly
Communication with users
Connect with subscribers and contact them to reach your common compatibility points so you can choose the right partner
Also you can chat with all members instant chat with all those in the app
Full specifications
Detailed and varied users data that helps you to choose the right partner and communicate with him after seeing the details
Smart Suggestion
The application works to suggest the right members for you according to specifications and many other conditions in order to save the time to search for you to find the right partner in a short time
Show Online Users
A list of all those who are subscribed to the app
My Fav list
The app lets you add profiles to your favorites and this gives you different special features and easy access to them
Notifications to stay connected
Using the app, you will stay in touch as we will let you know all the new messages, likes, chat and other public or private alerts
Manage your photos
by the application easily adds personal photos and other pictures and adds filters needed to publish the most beautiful pictures and increase your chances of getting to know each other
Hide your profile photo
To get more privacy, you can hide your profile picture from everyone, and it'll only show up for the members you like.
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